Weekend Plunge: The Beginner’s Guide to Baptism

On September 11th at Captain William Clark Park, we’ll be baptizing in the river! In the weeks leading to that, we invite you to read these weekly devotionals to help you prepare to celebrate baptisms – or get baptized yourself! If you want to get baptized, or if you want to share the story of your own baptism, please email us.

This devotional comes from Fervr:

One of my favourite stories from Acts is in Chapter 8. A Christian called Philip is travelling on a desert road and God leads him to a very powerful Ethiopian traveller who was searching for God. Someone must have given him an Old Testament, because Philip could hear him reading Isaiah out aloud. One thing led to another, and God used Philip to bring him to trust in Jesus.

I think it’s cool that the first thing that the Ethiopian wants to do is be baptised. Conveniently (God’s timing!), they came just at that moment to some water by the road. ‘Look, here is water,’ the Ethiopian said, ‘Why shouldn’t I be baptised here and now?’

I remember in high school going to a friend’s baptism – to me it was a bit of a mysterious religious ceremony. But actually baptism is meant to be an awesomely clear reminder of what God has done for you.

Read the rest here!


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