Simple Life Church: Aligning Hearts

As part of our desire to partner with what God is doing and to impact our city for Jesus, Real Life Church is partnering to help plant a new church, called Simple Life, in Hazel Dell this October. You’ll get to hear from the church plant team here on this blog to learn more about this new church, their vision, and how God is at work there.

I find reading the Bible to be extremely encouraging. Except the parts that are really, really convicting – those parts make me extremely uncomfortable.

Lately I’ve been reading a lot in the Prophets. As I digest the words of Isaiah and Jeremiah, I am convicted by God’s criticism of how the people of God are neglecting the poor, the afflicted, and those suffering injustice. I yearn to please the heart of God and I sometimes wonder if I have allowed myself to build a life that is too busy to care about those who God cares about.

What if I were to cut out a few activities here and there and replace them with activities that serve the poor? What if instead of buying one more thing that I don’t need, I gave that money to the poor? Would God be more pleased with my service to the least of these, or with my productive schedule and full storage shed?

Our goal at Simple Life Church is to be a people who have a deep concern for the poor. We seek to engage in direct activities to reach into the poor areas of Hazel Dell. Also, we have designed the ministry to have an extremely low financial profile that will allow us to devote significant financial resources toward issues of poverty in that area. In these ways, we believe our simple church can have a profound impact.

The heart of simple living is aligning our hearts with God’s will and diverting our attention from everything else. God’s heart for the poor will be our heart.

-Brandon Marten, Simple Life Church

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