Love Mondays: Worship Is Love

The changing seasons always feel like new beginnings. Maybe I’m feeling a little more generous towards autumn because it’s not raining today, but something about the new colors in the trees and the crisp air makes me feel like I’m starting fresh.

It’s a new season and a new week. What are you going to do with it?

Yesterday, we talked about Romans 6 and what it means to be free in Christ. With God’s power in us, we’re free from the need to respond to sin and temptation. We dwell in the Spirit, the boundless love God has for us. He treasures us and wants to work in and through us!

It makes me sit back in my chair and think. Honestly, those first thoughts are something along the lines of “No way. Me? What does He want with me?”

And I guess I don’t know yet what exactly He wants, but I do know He has something for me every day, and I’m excited to receive it.

God’s love is for everyone – even me, even you, even that one guy you can’t stand. God loves that guy. And God loves you, too! Come celebrate that at our worship gathering Friday night. We’ll meet at the church and rock out for a while! Hope to see you there – it all begins at 7pm!

Laura wears a lot of hats at Real Life: social media coordinator, outreach coordinator, retreat planner, and editor at large. Luckily she looks good in hats.

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