Weekend Plunge: Read Through the Bible in 2017

Well, it’s almost the end of January. Statistically speaking, almost 1/3 of us have already fallen behind on our New Year’s resolutions. If one of yours was to read the Bible more, never fear – there’s a reading plan to help!

One of our goals as a church for 2017 is to read through the whole Bible. It’s no small feat, but it is doable!

It’s especially easy with the great Bible Project videos to help you along. Each one breaks down a book in the Bible and helps explain the historical and cultural contexts that sometimes make reading the Bible challenging. Some days, you might be encouraged to watch one of their videos about biblical themes, like the concept of atonement or the Messiah.

This reading plan also includes one psalm per day for you to pray through, so no matter what you’re reading that day, you’re guaranteed a time of praise and prayer.

So jump in! The Bible is one big, beautiful story about a God who loves us and gave everything for us, and it’s our hope that this plan will make experiencing that story as simple and effective as possible. We can’t wait to hear how it goes!

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