The Gift of Confession: A Prayer Guide

In Sunday’s message, we learned about how we tend to let our behavior get us stuck in guilt and shame – and that we can find freedom through confession. Confession is when we come into agreement with God over our sin. Confessing cleanses us and empowers us to move forward, rather than being stuck.

Sometimes, if you’re feeling stuck, it helps to focus on where you want to go, rather than where you are right now. That’s why, on Sunday, we passed out a prayer guide that laid out several kinds of passive and active rebellion (or sin), along with a list of traits that God intended as His original design for us.

Check out the lists. Which sins can you identify in your life? What traits from the middle column would you like to replace them with?


  1. Repent and receive the Lord’s forgiveness.
  2. Rebuke the enemy and reject his lies that contradict God’s truth.
  3. Replace the lie or sinful/rebellious behavior with what is true and right, and live in actions of obedience.
  4. Receive forgiveness and a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit!


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