Everything You Need To Know About Life Groups

Life Groups are relaunching this Sunday! Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to get connected to one:

When: Starting the week of Sunday the 12th. Your first day may vary depending on what day of the week your group meets.

Where: Most Life Groups meet at their hosts’ house, but there are some exceptions. Find one in your neighborhood and get the address when you sign up.

Which group do I want? Well, that’s up to you! There are a few specialized groups, like a women’s Life Group and a group for married couples, but for the most part, Life Groups are open to just about anybody! While we encourage you to sign up for a group in advance, the most important part is that you get connected with a group you feel comfortable with and want to share both your struggles and your support with. To that end, if a Life Group ends up being a less-than-perfect fit, no one’s feelings will be hurt if you want to try a different group! We want you to grow in your faith – that’s why we have Life Groups in the first place!

How often should I go? We know you have busy lives, but we believe Life Groups is one of the most important ministries we offer. If you can’t make it every week, that’s fine, but we strongly encourage you to commit to the full 9 weeks if possible because getting face-to-face time with other believers to discuss the message, share struggles, and get prayer is incredibly valuable.

Where do I sign up? Go here, find a Life Group that looks appealing, and click their link to register!

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