God On the Move: The Next Steps

On May 21, Real Life voted to take an opportunity to move into a new, larger church facility on Mill Plain. In the time since that vote, all the necessary paperwork to transfer the title of the new property to Real Life has been completed. We’re now working with a lawyer to submit all the required items to the title company, and we hope to have the title within 30 days.

After that, things get a little more fun and interesting: we’ll be contracting with an architect and designers to help us shape our vision for the new building and develop floor plans and more. This is a great opportunity to maximize space in the new building and to finally create things like a dedicated youth space and fellowship hall that we’ve never had the ability to offer before!

We would love to have you join us in prayer as we move forward in this amazing opportunity:

1) Pray for the sale of the property. We have had positive first steps in our meetings with developers. Pray for bounty, for wise land use on the part of the developers, and for a smooth sale process.

2) Pray for funding for closing costs. We will need about $200,000.

God is leading the way in this adventure and we can’t wait to see how He moves next!

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