River Baptisms Coming Soon!

Every August for the past couple years, Real Life has gone beyond our doors to hold baptisms in the Columbia River. Being part of a big crowd celebrating and worshiping while community members get baptized on a sunny summer day is different from, and yet just like, a normal Real Life service. For one thing, it’s an all-day event: we reserve the picnic area so families can enjoy a meal together, and there’s plenty of space for playing games, swimming, and enjoying fellowship with each other. When we gather for baptisms along the riverbank, the individual commitments to life change take on even more meaning as we remember how the first believers were baptized in rivers, too.

This year’s baptism Sunday will be even more special because we’ll be taking our morning service to the river, too! We will have one service at 10:30 at Captain William Clark Park, after which we’ll do baptisms. Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy afterwards! We’ll have the park reserved all day, so stick around and swim, play games, and enjoy the sunshine with your Real Life community!

Mark your calendars for August 27th! If you know you want to get baptized, go here to sign up and let us know you’re ready.

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