Amy Is Getting Ordained!

For the last two years, RL Student Life youth pastor Amy has been working on getting ordained in the Nazarene church. We’re proud of the work she’s put into this process and grateful that she’s sharing her gifts to serve with Real Life. The ordination event takes place at District Assembly, a regional gathering of Nazarene church leadership, next week, and we wanted to take the opportunity to talk to Amy about getting ordained and what it means for her ministry!

So you’re getting ordained. For those of us who aren’t familiar with the finer points of Nazarene ministry requirements, can you give us a rundown of what being ordained means?

Being ordained means different things. One of the first things about being ordained that people say to me was, “Isn’t that something you can just go online and do real quick?” Yes, there are different approaches to ordination that include a quick online quiz and paying some money, but ordination in the Nazarene church is about answering a specific call to ministry that God has placed on your life. Not everyone called to ministry is ordained, and not everyone ordained is a traditional pastor.

The Nazarene Sourcebook for Ordination says this: “Ordination is the act of the Church, which recognizes and confirms God’s call as stewards and proclaimers of the gospel and the Church of Jesus Christ. Ordination bears witness to the Church universal and the world at large that this candidate reveals a life of holiness, possesses gifts and graces for public ministry, demonstrates a thirst for knowledge, especially for the Word of God, and displays capacity to communicate sound doctrine.”

What was the process of getting ordained like? Why did you choose to pursue it?

The process of getting ordained is long and intensive. It is a minimum of a 3-year process that includes mentorship, education in the Nazarene church, theology, and leadership, interviews, and collecting hours of ministry work.

My initial reason for doing this was just that Jeff asked me to. I didn’t really know what ordination was or why I would do it. But I thought sure, can’t be too difficult, right? As this journey has been all over the place for me and was not as simple as I thought it would be, the main thing pushing me  is the peace and nudges God gave to me move forward. I do this because God said, “Hey trust me, keep moving forward.”

How will being ordained shape your ministry with us at Real Life?

Overall not that much. The process has helped to challenge me and remind me of some basics, but the ministry I do will stay the same. It does give me the opportunity to lead overseas mission trips more easily because I’ll be recognized as an official leader in the church internationally.

What else are you looking forward to about being ordained?

There has been a lot of work and emotion behind this, and I am looking forward to moving forward.  I am excited to see what God has for me, what he is calling me to, and continuing to grow!

Anything else you want Real Life students and parents to know about you or your ministry?

I appreciate all their support and them just being awesome. I love all the students that have been a part of RLSL. I don’t think I convey that enough. Being a youth pastor isn’t something to do just because, especially for me. The students mean a lot to me.

My RL family and my biological family have been amazing in all the prayers and support that have helped me get here. I know that without all the extra conversations, words of encouragement, and prayers, things would be much different and I most likely would not be taking this next step in ministry.


Amy serves as Youth Pastor at Real Life. She leads the team that ministers to and with our students in 6th grade through 12th. Her desire is to help students become more like Jesus and learn how to love everyone as He does.

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