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Worship Wednesday: “What A Beautiful Name”

We hope you can join us for our Worship Gathering next Friday the 13th! It will be held at the church at 7pm. We will also have a giving component to support local students in need, so please bring an offering of clothing. The school is in need of:

  • new boys’ sweat/athletic pants
  • gently used clothing for boys and girls
  • sizes 5-12

Thank you for being willing to give and participate at this night of worship! We can’t wait to see how God moves.

Fill The House and Reconnect for Fall

Fall is here! School has started and rain is (finally) on the way. Are you settling back into the school-year routine? Or are you still juggling carpooling, practice times, homework, and everything else?

Before all the pieces fall into place, we want to encourage you to incorporate the most important piece of all: your faith. We’re not meant to go through life alone – the Book of Acts describes the early church as a constant part of believers’ lives, in which they ate together, prayed together, and worshiped together daily. Can you make room in your life for gathering together once a week?

We’d love to see you and your loved ones this Sunday for “Fill The House” Sunday:



Plus, there’s lots of great stuff coming up in the life of our church:

  • Life Groups start next Sunday the 24th. Learn about those and sign up for one by clicking here.
  • Fall Sprucefest is Saturday, Oct. 7th. This is a great family-friendly service opportunity!
  • Our next Worship Gathering will be held at church on Oct. 13th at 7pm. More info on that coming soon!

Join Us At The River!

The Northwest might be all abuzz about Monday’s eclipse, but we have our sights set on next week: baptism Sunday! Starting at 10:30am on the 27th, we’ll be at William Clark Park in Washougal. We’ll have worship and a message (including a live edition of Mythbusters – please pray for those guys and the weird stuff they’re going to eat in the name of science), then we’ll all gather at the river for baptisms.

If you’re considering getting baptized, you might want to read a few of these resources:

If you’re all set and you know you want to get baptized, click here to let us know you’re doing it! But don’t worry if you’re still not sure yet – you don’t have to be signed up in advance to get baptized. We’re much more interested in you being open to God at work in your heart! If you decide on the riverbank that you’re ready, we’ll be happy to baptize you!

After the message and baptism, we’ll be having a church picnic together! Plus, we have the park reserved all day, so stick around for games and swimming.

Whether you’re planning to get baptized or celebrate with those who are taking that step, we hope to see you at the river next Sunday! Invite your friends to join us!

River Baptisms Coming Soon!

Every August for the past couple years, Real Life has gone beyond our doors to hold baptisms in the Columbia River. Being part of a big crowd celebrating and worshiping while community members get baptized on a sunny summer day is different from, and yet just like, a normal Real Life service. For one thing, it’s an all-day event: we reserve the picnic area so families can enjoy a meal together, and there’s plenty of space for playing games, swimming, and enjoying fellowship with each other. When we gather for baptisms along the riverbank, the individual commitments to life change take on even more meaning as we remember how the first believers were baptized in rivers, too.

This year’s baptism Sunday will be even more special because we’ll be taking our morning service to the river, too! We will have one service at 10:30 at Captain William Clark Park, after which we’ll do baptisms. Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy afterwards! We’ll have the park reserved all day, so stick around and swim, play games, and enjoy the sunshine with your Real Life community!

Mark your calendars for August 27th! If you know you want to get baptized, go here to sign up and let us know you’re ready.

God On The Move: Expansion Updates and News

Update 10/5/17: We are continuing talks with the building’s past owners about how we can host them and help them continue to meet as an independent church. Real Life staff are meeting with their leadership teams and our architects and designers to decide on how to make best use of the building for our various ministries and activities.

Update 8/31/17: We will officially sign paperwork and take ownership of the property on Wednesday! Now we can begin designing for the remodel, which will take around 3 months, and look at how to best use the new space (which is 3x what we currently have). We are still grateful for this amazing answer to our prayer for more space to change lives. Real Life Owners, thank you for voting yes to move forward with this opportunity! This is where the fun part begins!

Update 7/23/17: The final paperwork is in process at the bank; please be in prayer for that to go smoothly. We’re also in talks with an architect who will create a design to improve usability inside the building!

Update 7/19/17: We are still in the process of getting the title; here’s a video update from Jeff:

Update 5/8/17: Real Life is moving into a larger building! We’re in the process of obtaining the title.

Q: Real Life is moving? Why?
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