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Registration is Open for VBX 2017

We’re gearing up for an incredible week at Maker Fun Factory VBX! Vacation Bible Xtreme is free for kids age 4 through 5th grade and runs July 10-14, 9am-noon. Each day will offer lots of fun with Bible verses, songs, crafts and experiments, snacks, and more! The goal is to teach children about Jesus and how God built them for a purpose. There’s even a mission component to teach children about the value of giving and serving. It all culminates at 10:30am on Sunday the 17th when families watch their kids perform in the VBX mini-musical and enjoy a BBQ together! The fun starts in just three weeks so sign your child up today!

If you are a teen or adult and want to volunteer at VBX, there’s a place for you to serve! Just fill out this form and we’ll find a great role for you.

It’s going to be a fantastic week, so don’t miss it! Sign up your child or step up to serve today!

VBX Summer 2017 is Under Construction!

We’re gearing up for an incredible week at Maker Fun Factory VBX! Vacation Bible eXtreme is for all kids at least 4 years old through 5th grade, and it’s FREE!

It all begins July 10-14th, 9a-12p daily, where kids will learn that we are created by God and built for a purpose! Each day will offer fun activities, silly songs, Bible stories, snacks, and more. You can sign up your child by clicking here!

We’re able to pull off VBX with the help of many volunteers, and you could be one of them!

  • Give some of your time during prep week (June 6-10) and help us cut, sort, construct, etc. All skill levels welcome!
  • Help out during setup week (July 3-9)
  • Serve as a volunteer during VBX (sign up here)

We can’t wait for this amazing week to begin – it’s one of our favorite parts of summer! Hope you and your family can be part of it!

Weekend Plunge: The Value of Ownership

At women’s retreat last weekend, I got to see firsthand how much more involved our church congregation has become. Women who were nervous about praying for each other a year or two ago stood at the front of the room and worshiped and prayed continually. The atmosphere was one of joy and encouragement. Throughout the weekend, I saw women welcoming each other, making sure no one felt left out. Women who were attending for the first time stood up and served as leaders, not because they wanted control or validation, but because they were responding to God’s call to servant leadership. We put each other first all weekend, and as a result, lives were truly changed.

“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.”
Mark 10:45 (NLT)

This concept of servant-leadership as demonstrated by Christ is what forms the backbone of our Next Step of Ownership. As a Real Life Owner, I have a personal stake in the mission of my church. I’m familiar with its teachings, its leadership, and its heart for community. I’m willing to serve with my time and my resources to see that mission grow, because I’ve seen how it can change lives: my own has been one of them.

Whether we’re ready or not, Real Life is expanding. We are serving more kids and teens every year. Our community outreach programs continue to grow. More and more people join us to celebrate baptisms, rescued marriages, recovery, and the smaller but no less crucial victories of maintaining faith through the challenges of everyday life. If you’re willing to become an Owner, you get to have a say in how our church does business, but more importantly, you’ll be making a commitment to bring the best of your abilities and resources to Christ’s service.

If Ownership is your Next Step, stop by the Next Steps table on Sunday to pick up a packet. We’re asking the entire church to vote about the question of moving our church on Sunday the 21st, and while we value the feedback those votes will provide, only the votes cast by Owners are eligible to be counted under Nazarene District bylaws. So if you’ve been putting off taking this Next Step and you really want your vote to count, now’s a great time to become an Owner!

But Ownership isn’t just about whether or not your vote counts next Sunday – it’s an ongoing commitment to the mission of Real Life, which has nothing to do with a building. The people of Real Life are welcoming, open with their faith, heartfelt in their worship, and generous with their time and resources. The concept of following after Christ as a servant leader is already dear to our hearts. Ownership just makes it official.

Got more questions about Ownership? Ric will be happy to answer them!

Laura wears a lot of hats at Real Life: social media coordinator, outreach coordinator, retreat planner, and editor at large. Luckily she looks good in hats.

Have Real Impact this Summer

A couple weeks ago, Matt Lacy shared about his experience serving at VBX last year. He had never served in our summer outreach before, but he dove right in serving at one of the most active stations, helping kids learn a daily Bible verse through a funny sketch (and the occasional conga line).

Around 300 kids visit Real Life for VBX each summer, and we take that seriously. Over 100 volunteers serve throughout the week (sometimes even using vacation time to do so). The whole week is free for the kids who attend so there are as few barriers as possible between our community and the God who loves them. Thanks to your giving, we’re able to offer free or reduced-cost programming all summer, ranging from VBX to boys’ and girls’ camps and youth retreat.

Matt broke down the three things summer programs tell kids:

  1. This community cares about them. Whether you serve with your resources or your time, it’s evident that Real Life cares about the kids in our community! Check out some of the fun everyone had last year.
  2. God loves them and wants to be in relationship with them. That message is at the heart of everything we do at Real Life.
  3. The Bible can teach them all this and more. It’s called Vacation Bible Xtreme for a reason – the Bible is our foundation, and it’s full of encouragement and hope for everybody.

And you can help make it happen! Your gift can help change a life this summer. Watch for the Summer Impact giving envelopes on Sunday, or simply give online!

We Are Church: Opportunities to Serve

We gathered together yesterday afternoon to talk about our vision for Real Life in the coming year. The leadership team shared about their roles and how they hope their ministries will grow, and shared opportunities for others to get involved. If you heard something that inspired you to serve, or if you missed Vision Sunday but still want to get involved, check out our page on serving and read through the many ministries that could use your talents. Next, fill out our Opportunities to Serve form and we’ll be in touch with you!

You do not need to be an Owner to serve at Real Life. You do not need to be an adult – teens are welcome to help in Kidz Life, and many of our service days are for the whole family. And in many cases, you do not need specific skills or experience to serve, just willing hands and a teachable heart!

The theme that emerged as the leadership team shared about their ministries was that we, not our building, are the church. If we seek to follow Christ’s lead and are open to being used by Him, we can change lives!

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