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Prayer List: 4/1/18

Each week as a church, we will pray together for God’s guidance in our lives and in our community. These directed prayer “prompts” can help engage our community and bring our voices together. God hears our prayers and He will continue to do great things!

For the last few weeks, we’ve included topics to pray on in the back of your worship folder. We hope that by sharing these lists on our blog, they’ll become part of your week and gain greater presence in your prayer life.

  • Pray for students during spring break for safety.
  • Pray for our city! For God to reveal Himself in transforming ways.
  • Pray for the bids on the scheduled work on remodel of new building.
  • Pray for the city planning meeting-approval of proposed renovations of our new building.
  • Pray for the one. May God draw each person into a living relationship with Himself.
  • Pray for my next step in reaching the one I am praying for.
  • Pray for boldness to reach our community with the love of Jesus.

Wider Worship: Worship Rock

Welcome a special monthly edition of Worship Wednesday! Contrary to what Christian radio might make you think, there’s a wide variety of worship music out there, in every genre imaginable. Our worship team and staff have put their music-loving heads together to come up with a series of posts featuring a new genre of worship music every month! See one of your favorite musicians in RIYL (Recommended If You Like)? Recognize a favorite song from Sunday mornings? Check out a new band! We hope something strikes your fancy and injects your everyday music listening with a little more worship.

This month, let’s explore…


Citizens & Saints got their name from Ephesians 2:19 – in fact, when they were the worship band at Mars Hill, their name was just “Citizens,” a name that they hoped “focused more on the people of God participating in joyful and expressive worship of Jesus.” After Mars Hill closed, they found strength in the way believers continued to be church, in one form or another. Citizens & Saints offers both covers of hymns (like “How Great Thou Art”) and original songs with lyrics focusing on the redemption and grace of the Gospel.

  • RIYL: Imagine Dragons, Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon, theologically robust lyrics, hymns as rock songs

The Followers is the worship band at Door of Hope in Portland. Their “neo-gospel,” “70’s-infused” album is available on Bandcamp and you’ll probably recognize a lot of their tracks from Real Life worship!

  • RIYL: Allman Brothers, Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Songs We’ve Sung: “Wounded Healer,” “Overwhelmed,” “Take Me To Your Side”

Joe Day blends unpretentious vocals with muddy guitar, retro keyboards, and declarative lyrics, in many cases drawn verbatim from Scripture. His sole album, “Grace,” is full of prayerful and energetic tracks that lead the listener on a journey from sin to redemption.

  • RIYL: Radiohead, St. Vincent, Oasis, Seattle grunge

The Sing Team is another ex-Mars Hill worship group, this one offering a sound that blends pop rock, anthem worship, 70s pop, and Southern gospel. They’re quirky and authentic, and their genuine community energy makes for great worship.

  • RIYL: Sufjan Stevens, Jackson 5, unique instrumentation, singing along to musicals

Nashville-based Leeland have 4 Grammy and 8 Dove Award nominations to their name, and their country-influenced rock has had huge influence across modern worship music since the band formed in 2006.

  • RIYL: Bruno Mars, Brooke Fraser, Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran, pop rock that’s just a little country
  • Songs We’ve Sung: “New Creation

Ghost Ship, formerly the worship band at Mars Hill Ballard, named themselves for being vessels of the Holy Spirit. They have a unique folk-rock sound and earnest, thoughtful lyrics that both express God’s love for us (“Look What God Has Done”) and cry out honestly out in prayer (“Orion,” “Peace”).

  • RIYL: The Head and the Heart, Snow Patrol, James Blunt, sincere and raw prayerful lyrics
  • Songs We’ve Sung: “Orion,” “Son of David

Got a related band or favorite song to recommend? Share in the comments!

Ready for Life Groups?

Winter Life Groups start on Sunday! Joining a Life Group is a great way to connect with the Real Life community and grow your faith. In your Life Group, you can discuss the week’s message, ask for prayer, and explore Scripture face-to-face with others on the faith journey.

Whenever a new Life Group session starts, it’s a great opportunity to make new connections and get to know Real Life Church! You can read about the groups and find one that fits with your schedule here. Feel free to try out a group or two until you find a good fit, too!

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